Care Management Services

Care Management Services

In-home health care service you can trust.

Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that assesses and provides accreditation to health care providers to ensure that people just like you receive the best possible care that meets Canadian national standards.

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Retire-At-Home Burlington is one of the organizations accredited as meeting the standards for providing quality health care. As part of this community, we are committed to being flexible and open to improvement with the goal of making your care the focus of our efforts.

How do I find private in-home care that meets my specific needs and offers value for every budget?

Retire-At-Home cares about you, and can connect you with your local health care community in Burlington, while working closely with you to manage the daily challenges of your individual needs. Whether you are a senior living alone, an Alzheimer patient, or require a specific custom care plan, we can work together to design a plan that works for you.

As health-care providers, we realize the importance of reaching out to the community for assistance because our approach is comprehensive.

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive, consistent health care that will help you to take advantage of the benefits offered by your insurance or other subsidies you may be entitled to through other organizations.

Care Management Services are included in the regular services

that you choose through Retire-At-Home, at no additional cost.

Our experienced, carefully selected team of Client Care managers will meet with you regularly as part of the services they provide in your personalized care plan, a valuable resource for you and your family.

Life circumstances can change quickly, and Retire-At-Home Burlington is ready to meet this challenge. You can feel secure knowing that your caregiver is in an excellent position to anticipate your evolving needs, especially when managing Alzheimer’s patients or critical care situation.


A unique Care Management plan, like you!

Your complimentary initial assessment will help your Client Care managers understand who you are, and how to manage your physical, mental health and emotional needs. Our compassionate, caring and experienced staff will ease you into your custom care plan comfortably, making your privacy and dignity top priorities.


What can I expect from my Care Management plan?

  • Free, no obligation in-home initial assessment that will allow your Client Care manager to understand your home environment and give you an opportunity to interact with us where you feel comfortable.
  • Planned, regular visits to check in with you so that you have one-on-one time with us to express concerns or satisfaction with your service and to conduct safety checks. Retire-At-Home Burlington respects your privacy, so we won’t arrive unannounced! These visits will help us to assess your changing needs.
  • Advocacy services to help you access health care services quickly.
  • Coordinated communication with your other health care providers upon request to keep all of your services streamlined and properly managed.
  • Medical supplies and equipment delivery based on your needs.
  • Coordination of other services for your home or health needs such as property maintenance or transportation to doctor appointments.
  • Ongoing communication with your family to keep everyone informed, as you see fit, to ensure peace of mind.

24-hour on-call support for emergency care or questions that may arise such as medication dosages or new symptoms that may cause you concern.


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